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Discover the true gems of the Far East with all the comfort and relaxation that only a cruise can offer. An endless discovery of this mysterious and fascinating destination that will captivate you: the fascinating cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Delhi or Bangkok. The ancient traditions of Vietnam and Myanmar. The magic of India: Rajasthan, Calcutta, the sacred river Ganges. The Himalayas in Tibet and Nepal. From the most secluded part of China to the vastness of the Great Wall, the Old Kingdom of Siam, Cambodia and the unknown Angkor Temples, the exoticism of Thailand and Bali. Don't miss the opportunity to embark on a great adventure with one of the excellent cruise lines. An unforgettable experience in the mystic Asian continent.

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Recommended destinations Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Yokohama, Ho Chi Minh City...

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