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This privacy policy applies to data processing carried out byLogitravel travel agencies. Please read it carefully, as it contains importantinformation about the processing of your personal data and the rightsrecognised by current regulations on the subject. 

We reserve the right to update our privacy policy at any time due tocorporate decisions, as well as to comply with any legislative or legalchanges. If you have questions or require any clarification about our PrivacyPolicy or your rights, please contact us via the channels indicated below.

You declare that the data you provide, now or in the future, iscorrect and truthful and you agree to notify us of any changes to this data. Ifyou provide personal data from third parties, you agree to obtain the priorconsent of the parties in question and inform them about the content of thispolicy.

In general, the mandatory fields in our forms must be completed inorder to process your requests.

1.      Who isresponsible for processing your data (the data controller)?

Unlessspecifically indicated otherwise, the data controller which shall process yourdata collected on the ww.logitravel.comwebsite(hereinafter, the "Website") is the company Logitravel, Limited, withaddress at 8th Floor Becket House 36, Old Jerry, London, EC2R 8DD.

We belong to the Logitravel Group. Youmay contact the Data Protection Officer of the Logitravel Group at

2.      Whatpersonal information do we collect?

The data we process is collected:

-        From the forms that you fill out and fromthe requests that you make on the Website; for example, when you register, signup to our newsletters, save a quote or purchase a trip. We also process thedata included in requests that we receive by email or via our call centre.

-        From profiles and analytics collectedfrom users (registered or otherwise) browsing the Website.

-        From your interest in our salescampaigns; for example, in contests or promotions.

-        From the social media profile which youdecide to use to log into our Website.

The data we collect is provided either directly by you or by thirdparties who process requests on your behalf; for example, the person making thebooking, the company for which you work, or other travel agencies.                

The data categories which we process typically consist of:

-        Identification and contact details, IDnumber or passport.

-        Personal details, such as language,gender, date of birth and nationality.

-        Financial and transaction-relateddetails.

-       Data related to your browsing, forexample the IP address from which you connect to the Website, weblogs, pagesvisited or actions taken on the Website. For this purpose, we use cookies andsimilar technologies which may track your browsing. Further information aboutour cookies policy is available at

-        Location: Only if you have given yourconsent may we determine your approximate location to tailor the content of the Website according to yourlocation. This location is deduced by analysing your IP address and/orthe location of your Internet provider, and, therefore, does not enable us toknow your exact location. We donot associate location data with identified users.

-        Data regarding your booking history andcontact with the group.

-        Sales tracking data and, whereappropriate, data related to your preferences and sales profile.

-        Identification and contact detailscollected from the social media profile which you used to log into our Website.These details are only processed for this purpose.

-        Datagenerated by your use of social media networks which you have decided to sharewith us (for example, likes and comments).

3.      Why do weprocess your data?

We process your data for the following purposes:

-        To manage our relationship with you.

-        To process your requests and providecontracted services.

-        To assess the quality of our services. Inorder to assess quality, we may send you satisfaction surveys, although thereis no requirement to complete them.

-        To comply with our legal obligations; forexample, in accounting and tax affairs.

The data of Website users is also processed for the administration,management and control of the Website itself and its restricted access areas,as well as for statistical purposes and the enhancement of the Website and ourservices.

For reasons of security and quality control, calls made to our callcentre and our agents may be recorded. If you do not wish the call to berecorded, please inform the agent attending to you.

We process your data for the following commercial purposes:

-        To send commercial messages to ourcustomers and users. These messages refer to products or services marketed by Logitravel Group related to thefollowing industries: tourism, automotive, leisure, art, culture, training,telecommunications, financial and insurance.

-        Withyour consent, we shall create a commercial profile based on your bookings andthe data provided on the Website so that our deals and commercial messages aretailored to that profile. Automated decisions are not made based on theprofiles of our customers.

-        If youhave requested a quote or have started but not completed a booking process on theWebsite or via our Call Centre, the data provided may be used to commerciallyfollow-up your request. To thisend, our agents may contact you by email or by phone, for example to resolvepossible incidents in the booking process.

-        If you show interest in our promotionalcampaigns, your data shall be processed in order to manage and control them.Interest in our promotions implies your consent to the processing and transferof your data to the extent and under the terms and conditions indicated in thatcampaign, with said consent being an essential requirement for your interest inthe promotions. Depending on the type of promotion, the data of interestedparties or winners may be published on Logitravel websites, social mediaprofiles or in the press. In the case of competitions and prize draws, thepersonal data of winners required to benefit from the prizes shall be communicated to their suppliers,with the parties in question thereby consenting to the international transferof their personal details when said suppliers are located outside the EuropeanEconomic Area.


4.      Who may wedisclose your data to?

In general, we shall only discloseyour information with your prior consent, when it is necessary for theprocessing of your requests, the provision of contracted services, or to complywith our legal obligations.

In particular:

-        For thecorrect processing of the bookings requested, the data included in suchbookings shall be disclosed to thesuppliers of the tourist services included in the contracted packages and/or tocompanies which manage global booking systems, such as AMADEUS GLOBAL TRAVELDISTRIBUTION. This may imply the international transfer of your data, if these companies are locatedoutside the European Economic Area.

-        We may also disclose data to fraud detection platforms in orderto detect and prevent fraudulent payments or bookings.

-        We disclose data of our customers and users to other LogitravelGroup companies for the following internal administrative purposes:

o   Analysisof business data and corporate information collected from consolidated customerdata and bookings from group travel agencies, corporate management control,statistics and group-wide quality assessment. The group-wide data controller isToolfactory, S.L., with registered address at Edificio Logitravel, Parcela 3B(Parc Bit) - Ctra. Palma - Valldemossa km 7.4, 07121 Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

o   Thecommercial use of all the commercial databases of Logitravel travel agencies.The data controller for this processing is Travel Concept, S.L., withregistered address at Edificio Logitravel, Parcela 3B (Parc Bit) - Ctra. Palma- Valldemossa km 7.4, 07121 Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

We may resort to technologicalsolutions or services provided by companies which are outside the EuropeanEconomic Area for certain functionalities of the Website. In this case, weshall adopt the appropriate measures to guarantee an appropriate level ofpersonal data protection. In particular:

-        We use various services provided byGoogle ( and its affiliates. These companies adhere to the Privacy Shieldagreement between the EU and the USA. Under this agreement, personal datatransferred from an EU company to a company from the United States shall beprocessed according to a series of well-defined protection standards andsafeguards, thereby ensuring an appropriate level of protection. You may checkthe validity of Google's accession to the Privacy Shield at the following link:

-        The chat feature incorporated into ourWebsite is provided by the American company LiveChat, Inc. This company adheresto the Privacy Shield agreement(

-        To sendand manage your commercial messages, our group uses the Oracle ResponsysMarketing Platform Cloud Service platform. This platform is provided by theOracle group, which is headquartered in the USA, and companies affiliated withOracle which are identified at the following link: To guarantee an appropriate level of protection of thepersonal data transferred to Oracle, the Logitravel Group has signed a contractwith this provider that includes the standard clauses approved by the EuropeanCommission. For any questions about the operation of this service, or aboutOracle's privacy policy, please contact Oracle Ibérica, S.R.L., with registeredaddress at C/ José Echegaray, 6, Edificio B, 28232, Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain,Tel. (+34) 902 302 302. If you prefer, you may also contact the group's privacydepartment directly via the form available at the following link: .

Please note that allinformation found in the blog, forums or other engagement tools availableon the Website shall become public information,so users should take special care when deciding to post comments or share theirpersonal details.

The use of these engagement tools is subject to the conditions listedbelow.

You undertake to make appropriate use of the comment posting featureof the Website, agreeing to refrain from posting details and/or comments which:

-        Engage in unlawful or illegal activitiesor those that are contrary to good faith and public order.

-        Disseminate content or propaganda of aracist, xenophobic or pornographic nature, or any defending terrorism, or thatviolates human rights.

-        Contain content entailing an infringementof intellectual and industrial property rights.

-        Harm the image of third parties.

-        Introduce or transmit computer viruses orany other physical or logical systems which may cause damage to the company'scomputer systems.

-        Use the email accounts or personal dataof other users and modify or tamper with their messages.

We reserve theright to remove, or not publish, any comments or posts which fail to meet theabovementioned standards, particularly those which violate the respect forhuman dignity, which are discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic,which constitute an attack against youth or childhood, public order or safetyor which, in our opinion, are not suitable for publication. We shall not beheld responsible for the information stored at the request of users and, inparticular, regarding the opinions expressed. Neither are we responsible forthe accuracy, quality, reliability and correctness of the information whichusers may include. Notwithstanding the foregoing, anyone whose personal data isincluded in comments or posts published on the Website may request, at anytime, the removal of such data, as indicated in the section "What are your rights?".

5.      Legal basisfor processing

The legal basis for the processing ofyour data is the management of the legal relationship established with you, theprovision of requested or contracted services, and compliance with legalobligations, especially those applicable to accounting, taxation, tourism ortraveller security and control.

The following data processing is based on a legitimate interest:

-        Managementof the security of the Website and our call centre, as well as the adoption offraud detection and prevention measures based on our legitimate interest inguaranteeing the security of our systems and transactions.

-        Themonitoring of statistics and quality control, including recordings of calls toour call centre, based on our legitimate interest to assess our services.

-        Thecommercial tracking of your requests, the sending of commercial messages andthe consolidation of the commercial databases of Logitravel travel agenciesform our legitimate interest and that of the group to promote theproducts or services sold by theLogitravel Group, as well as your consent for receiving such messages byelectronic means.

-        Theanalysis of customer data is based on the group's interest in processing this information for internal administrative purposes.

The following processing items are based on your consent, without the withdrawal of suchconsent conditioning the provision of contracted services:

-        The commercial profiling of data for the sending of personalised offers andcommercial messages is based on the requested consent;

-        Browsing profiles based on informationcollected from cookies or similar technologies.

6.      For howlong will we retain your data?

In general, we shall keep your data for the duration of therelationship you have with us and, in any case, throughout the periods providedin the applicable legal provisions, for example, in relation to accounting andtax matters, and for the time necessary to meet possible processing-relatedliabilities. We shall remove your data when it is no longer necessary or relevantfor the purposes for which it was collected. Specifically:

Access to restricted areas of the Website shall be withdrawn one monthafter its creation. Browsing-related information shall be removed once thewebsite connection has been completed and the statistics compiled.

Recordings of calls to the call centre shall be discarded within amaximum period of 2 months, unless required otherwise for the time required tomanage possible incidents or deadlines stipulated by legal provisions.

The data processed for commercialpurposes, including commercial profiles, shall remain valid until its deletionis requested.  Consent is recorded, forexample, in electronic form submission logs, and shall be kept for the entireduration of the processing and the applicable limitation periods.

7.      What areyour rights?

You have the rightto obtain confirmation about whether or not we are processing your personaldata and, in that case, access such data. 

Once you are registered on theWebsite, you may check your booking history, as well as access your profile andupdate the information you provided at the time of registration.

You may also askfor your data to be rectified if it is inaccurate or incomplete. In addition,you may request the deletion of your data if, among other reasons, it is nolonger necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.

In certaincircumstances, you may request limitations upon the processing of your data. Inthis case, we shall only process the data in question for the formulation, exerciseor defence of claims or with a view to protecting the rights of other persons.Under certain conditions, and for reasons related to your particular situation,you may also object to the processing of your data. In this case, we shallcease to process your data other than for compelling legitimate reasons whichprevail over your interests or rights and freedoms, or for the formulation,exercise or defence of claims.

Similarly, andunder certain conditions, you may request the portability of your data for itto be transferred to another data controller.

You may revoke theconsent that you had given for certain purposes, without affecting the legalityof the processing based on the consent prior to its withdrawal.

To request yourwithdrawal from processing for commercial purposes you may:

-        Update your preferences in your profile, accessible fromyour Website account.

-        Send anemail to the following email address:

-        Use thelink provided in our newsletters for this purpose.

At any time you may revoke your consent for geolocation or theinstallation of tracking or profiling cookies by modifying the privacy optionsof your web browser or your device. Youmay learn more about online behavioural advertising and how to manage theprivacy of your browser to refuse such processes  at Further information about our cookies policy is available at

You alsohave the right to file a claim with a dataprotection authority. You may check the list and contact details of theEuropean data protection agencies on the European Commission website:

To exercise your rights,you must send us a request accompanied by a copy of your national identitydocument, or another valid identity document, by postal or electronic mail, to our Data Protection Officer at theaddresses indicated in the 'Who is responsible for processing your data (thedata controller)?' section.

You may obtain more information about your rights and howto exercise them on the website of the Spanish Data Protection Agency ('AgenciaEspañola de Protección de Datos') at or on the website of the data protection authority ofyour country.