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28 January 2024
15 Dec to 22 Mar 2024
10 February 2024; 30 March 2024
5 January 2024; 22 March 2024; 12 April 2024
8 March 2024

Cruising through the graceful Fjords is a mystical experience. But exploring the British Isles, or discovering Scandinavia,  Russia or the Baltic states will exceed your expectations immensely.

Under this destination you will find cruises visiting countries like Iceland, Norway, Greenland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine and Poland. A variety of cities that go from the fascinating Baltic and Scandinavian Capitals to the spectacular Norwegian Fjords. Remember that an important number of cruises included here conveniently depart from a port in the UK.

The Norwegian Fjords is a perfect destination for those in search of incredible nature landscapes while enjoying the best things of life on a cruise. You'll also visit interesting port towns and cities and you could even catch the Norwegian Lights if you cruise at the right time of the year.

Most cruise lines also offer mini-cruises around the North Europe, ideal for those that just want to have a taste to discover what a cruise is all about. 

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