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Portimão: Portimão. Hotel and holiday deals in Portimão

Portimão is a beautiful city with a modern structure. It has what everyone looking for fun requires: the beach and discotheques! When thinking of Portimão, Praia da Rocha also comes to mind.

Sun, shopping and sardines: this is Portimão! One of the best streets for shopping is Rua do Comércio, a pedestrian area that start in the old market square, near Matriz Church, in the high part of the ctiy.

There is also a close connection between fishing and Portimão's port. Don't be surprised when you see tourists looking for the unique flavour of broiled sardines in the old Portimão pier, where they are washed in the sea and broiled.

Right next to this city you will find Praia da Rocha, a destination for night lovers as well as for families. Located  at the mouth of the Arade river, its golden-sanded beach is protected by a group of cliffs. It has all of the services you need to make your experience memorable: restaurants and beach bars that serve international food all day long and a long, wooden footbridge.

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Portimão: Portimão. Hotel and holiday deals in Portimão

Vicentine Coast

The Vicentine Coast is the Algarve's western coast, from Odeceixe in the north to Burgau in the south and makes up the Natural Park where peace and quiet reigns and where the most common background sound is the singing of birds and its unspoilt beaches.

The Natural Park has 74.000 hectares of hills, farmland, amazing cliffs, caves and wild beaches. It was declated a protected area in 1995 abd gas a rich plantlife and wildlife that varies as you get closer to the ocean. Approximately 750 plant species have been identified in the parks, 12 of them unique in the world; 450 seaweed species and over 200 bird species have been located in the park. The cliffs are most attractive for the migratory birds, as well as an excellent base for nests. All of these factors make the Vicentine Coast a highly requested place of interest for nature lovers.

The Vicentine Coast's Natural Park has an 80 km coast. Here you will find long, sandy beaches, small rocky beaches and hidden caves. It is a paradise for those who love fishing and surfing. However, even in summer, you can find deserted beaches in this coastal paradise. The sundown is breathtaking. Nearby you will also find small villages where people still live off traditional agriculture.

You can explore the Vicentine Coast following the northeastern Algarve coast, to Sagres and San Vicente Cape or descending the Monchique mountain range towards the sea.

Vicentine Coast


Located in the homonymous mountain range, Monchique is located in a forest environment and presents the Algarve from a different point of vire and is an alternative starting point to get to know the region. It has excellent options to go hiking or other outdoor activities, as well as the Caldas de Monchique spa.

Monchique is one of the most charming places in the Algarve and is different from the coast even though it is very close to the beach area. With a dazzling view and a mild climate, Monchique is located in the homonymous mountain range, famous for its spa and its mountain spring water. Rumour has it one drop will add years to your life!

Surrounded by gardens, if you decide to visit Monchique will find serenity and a very different lifestyle than the one in Algarve. The air is pure and you can count on the mountain range's magic to enjoy all sorts of activities: hiking, horseback riding, bird and plant watching, meditation, etc. Remember it is only half an hour away from the Algarve's coast.


Ria Formosa

One of the Algarve's many natural treasures, Ria Formosa Natural Park is made up of sand isles and islands that are practically unspoilt and on the move. It is also home to many migratory bird species. The world famous salt is also extracted from this area.

Ria Formosa Natural Park is one of the Algarve's most beautiful natural treasures, not only for its variety of ecosystems but also for its peculiar location. This incredible natural paradise goes from Anção (Loulé) all the way to Manta Rota (Vila Real de Santo António) and is a refuge to migratory birds and strange species.

Only two rivers feed the lake thoughout the year. The rest of the riverbeds are seasonal and dry out during the summer. Those areas that are most exposed in the lagoons can be completely submerged due to the influence of the powerful Atlantic tides. The numerous islands located in the are are quite unstable, its surface can fluctuate from 500 metres to 2 km.

This area was once used as an area to catch mussels and oysters and also to install salt mines.

The park's aims are to preserve and develop the natural resources. This contributes to the preservation of the wildlife's natural habitats and even though there is human activity in the park, this does not change the ecosystem's balance.

Ria Formosa


The city of Silves is one of the most distinguished witnesses of the Muslim presence in the Algarve and its mark. Its historical past lives on in its Medieval Fair that attracts many visitors year after year.

Silves was conquered by Abd-al-Aziz in 713 AD and remained under Islamic domination until mid 13th century. During this time it was conquered by Paio Peres Correia. King Sancho I, with the help of the Crusaders that were travelling to the Holy Land, reconquered the city for the Christians in 1189. However, the Portuguese only managed to keep Silves for two years.

Due to its dominant location, Silves became one of the main fortified areas. At the top of the city the castle's red and impresive wals follow the horizon's line, our favourite spot in Silves. Through its walls you can admire the incredible view of the city and the countryside. It is one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the city and an ideal location for a romantic date. The gardens, squares, restaurants and bars in the historic city centre also await. During the summer it has two more attractions: the Medieval Fair and the Beer Fair.


Organise your trip

You can start to prepare your trip to Algarve today. We will provide you with all the required information to make your trip to the Portuguese region perfect.


The Algarve is an all year round holiday destination. The spring and the summer are long and the winter is short and not very rigorous. It is Portugal's region with the best climate. High season starts om Easter and it is visible beacause of the flood of tourists, looking for a tan on the busy beaches or practicing other water sports or improving their swing in one of its many golf courses. Visting the Algarve in spring or in autumn is a good option because the weather is warm enough to go to the beach and idscover all of the charm the region has to offer. If you want to visit a deserted beaches, avoid travelling during the school holidays.


Despite being a relatively small region, the Algarve has a diverse landscape from north to south and from east to west. You can choose from the wild areas like the Vicentine Coast or Monchique mountaing range or the busy tourist centres like Albufeira or Praia da Rocha.


If you want to discover the Algarve for the best price, travel in autumn or winter. The prices are usually higher during Christmas, Easter and high season in summer.


The portuguese time zone is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), just like the United Kingdom.


The electric current is 220 V.

For further information please check: http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/travel/indexen.htm

How do I get there?


There are flights to Faro (FAO) from most of the main airports in the UK operated by Thomson, Monarch, Easyjet, etc. The Faro International Airport is located 9 kms away from the city centre.


Some travel agencies, like ours, offer organised and packaged holidays that include the flight, stay at a hotel on half or full board and transfers to and from the airport. When you arrive at the Algarve Aiport you will find a bus and a taxi stop that will make your trip more comfortable. The journey is approximately 15 minutes by taxi and 30 minutes by bus.


If you want to get to know the diverse landscape of the Algarve and the surrounding area, the best option is to hire a car at the Airport. Some agencies like ours offer packages that cinlude the flight and car hire.


Tourists are increasingly choosing attractive tours, a very interesting option to get to know the main places of interest in a short period of time.

Where can I stay?

In Algarve you will find a wide range of hotels to suit all tastes and budgets, offering spectacular resorts with an “all inclusive” basis or half board, most of them specialised in family holidays. At these tourist resorts the visitor can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear pools, join the various leisure activities scheduled all day, or take the children to the playroom and have a relaxing sunbathe and a fashionable drink at the pool.

For a more intimate and private trip there are exclusive villas with all of the facilites needed. If you want to get to know the Algarve's most authentic atmosphere there is nothing better than the charming rural hotels and old manor houses that have been restored and are located in a pleasant natural environment, many located in the Vicentine Coast.

You also have a wide variety of first class hotels located along all of the Algarve's beautiful coastline. Check if your acommodation includes breakfast at the hotel. The majority of the hotels include buffet breakfast with a wide variety of cold and warm dishes. They also usually offer local dishes cooked seasonally.

Medical Assistance

You may take out an insurance policy to cover medical assistance during the trip. We also offer a travel insurance policy, which covers medical assistance, theft and cancellation charges. Several private medical centres and private hospitals throughout many towns on the island offer medical assitance.


In order to get assistance at a public medical centre or hospital you must have a Medical Card. The Algarve has medical services all over the island. The Public Health Service has hospitals located in the main towns and medical centres spread all over the island. The Red Cross has several emergency centres in many villages and beaches. As in the rest of the country, in case of emergency you must dial 112. The call is free of charge and you will receive attention immediately in four languages (Spanish, Catalan, English and German). They will coordinate all the required emergency services such as ambulances, Fire Department and Police.


    <li>Hospital Distrital de Faro: 00351 289 891 100</li>
    <li>Hospital Distrital de Lagos: 00351 282 770 100</li>
    <li>Hospital Distrital do Barlovento Algarvio (Portimão): 00351 282 450 300​</li>


    <li>Albufeira: 00351 289 587 550</li>
    <li>Monchique: 00351 282 910 100</li>
    <li>Tavira: 00351 281 329 000</li>


    <li>Faro: 00351 289 899 900</li>


Currency and Customs

The Euro is the official currency in the Algarve. As in the rest of the country, you may use credit cards for most of your financial transactions, especially in the touristic areas, where they tend to facilitate consumption to their clients. There may be some shops or small bars that only accept cash.


Useful Phone Numbers

We provide our travellers with a useful telephone essential guide. Any infomation required about the Algarve and any of its services can be found in the following infomation points.


    <li>Lagos: 00351 282 763 031</li>
    <li>Praia da Rocha: 00351 282 419 132</li>
    <li>Albufeira: 00351 289 515 973</li>
    <li>Faro: 00351 289 818 582</li>


    <li>Emergencies: 112</li>
    <li>Police Faro: 00351 289 899 899</li>
    <li>Police Albufeira: 00351 289 590 092</li>
    <li>Firefighters: 00351 289 888 000</li>


    <li>Faro Airport (FAO): 00351 289 800 800</li>


    <li>Lagos: 00351 289 827 203</li>
    <li>Portimão: 00351 800 207 069</li>
    <li>Albufeira: 00351 289 583 230</li>
    <li>Faro: 00351 289 827 203</li>

If I book Flight + Hotel, when will I receive my travel documents?

Once the booking is confirmed you will receive a confirmation e-mail. The voucher for the hotel will be also sent by email plus the vouchers for any other services (car hire, transfer, travel insurance) if booked.

Please note that no flight tickets are sent due to most airlines using e-tickets. You only need to print our confirmation email where the Airline`s booking reference appears and take it with you to the airport with your ID/Passport documents.

Important: Some Low Cost Airlines (Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizzair, Blueair and others) now request all passengers to check-in online and print the Boarding Cards before departure through their corresponding websites. Failure to do so, these airlines will charge you a supplement at the airport.

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