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Welcome to Logitravel's affiliate program

Start earning money today by signing up to our affiliate program. Take this opportunity and make money while you offer your users the most attractive and complete range of travel and holidays in the market. Help us increase our sales and receive a commission for every confirmed booking that your users perform in Logitravel. Additionally, our affiliate program is totally free and it will only take a few minutes to sign up.

  • A leading brand

    We maintain steady growth, which has increased in the recent years.

  • Without intermediaries

    We share our commission with you. Earn up to 80% of our net commission earned on each reservation.

  • Free

    Our affiliate program is completely free. With Logitravel you will only obtain profits

  • Minimum price guaranteed

    Take advantage of our guaranteed minimum price policy in the products we sell

  • Statistics

    In your control panel you will have access to real-time statistics on the performance of your traffic and transactions.

  • Customer Service

    All our users have customer service L-V 9 to 18hrs.

  • Deeplinking

    You could define direct links pointing to any of our pages for a better user experience and conversion rates.

  • XML

    You will have available XML files with all the information of our products. So it will be easier to set up and present Logitravel's trips.

  • Always kept up to date

    You will always be up to date with the latest news and changes that may affect your affiliate program.


We share our commission with you. Each product in Logitravel has established the amount or percentage you will receive for each confirmed reservation. In specific cases we offer higher commissions in exchange of a special promotion and visibility of our brand. The most interesting proposals will be evaluated.

  • Cruises
    4 %
  • Flight+Hotel
    6 %
  • Multi Centre Holidays
    6 %

Frequently asked questions

  • Who can register as an affiliate?
    Any person or company that has a website can apply for the affiiate program. After analyzing your page and verifying that the content and traffic exceed the criteria of brand association, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • How does the affiliate program work?
    Once registered as an affiliate, you can access our platform, download links and Logitravel's creatives to integrate them into your website. You can use as many links you want. Through your affiliate ID, we monitor all the clicks and all the bookings originated from your links. For every confirmed booking that we receive from your links, you will receive a commission.
  • Can I make campaigns in search engines like Google AdWords or YahooSearchMarketing?
    We only allow the use of generic word and advertss that link to your affiliate page, and from there to Logitravel. You may not use the keyword Logitravel as such or spelling errors in the text, title, content, URL and destination URL of the advert to appear on search engines, both Google, Yahoo, Bing or any of their search partners. Failure to comply with this policy will be a reason for cancellation of sales generated and expulsion of the affiliate program.
  • Does it have a cost to register as an affiliate?
    No, it's completely free.
  • Can I earn commissions on my own bookings?
    Yes. You will receive a commission for every booking you confirm using your affiliate links.
  • Do you offer XML services?
    Yes. We can provide XML files containing all the data of our products and by which you can format the website according to your requirements.
  • How are booking tracked?
    All your links pointing to Logitravel contain an affiliate ID. These codes identify all clicks and bookings processed from your links
  • How I can monitor my statistics?
    We will provide you with your own affiliate portal where you can monitor all your activity, view statistics of clicks, reservations and all the relevant information for the proper optimisation of your actions.
  • How can I track sales with "cokkies"?
    The system of "cookies" is today the standard for internet in terms of clicks and sales tracking. Each visitor received in Logitravel through your links will download a "cookie" (a small file with information about the visit). It remains active for 30 days and allows both parties to keep track of the transaction.
  • What is a "confirmed booking"?
    It is considered a confirmed booking, one that has a booking reference sent by the supplier and has been paid fully by the customer to Logitravel. There is a possibility that a booking is canceled or modified after confirmation. To ensure that all transactions have been actually carried out and that the value of the booking is confirmed, bookings confirmed every 15 days.
  • How do I get paid?
    Affiliates can choose the payment method in their control panel. It's important to complete the registration form before starting to work with the affiliate program. Payments are made within the first ten days of the month following the confirmation of the commission.
  • Where do I find the links that must I integrate in my website?
    You can find them on your control panel. Select the links you want to use, copy the code and finally paste the HTML code on your website. If you need help, please contact us: Be aware that we will respond in English, Spanish or French.
  • Can I change the links toadapt them to my website?
    We do not recommend. An alteration of the codes and URL links can make the sales tracking system may not run properly. We strongly recommend therefore to never alter links.