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Costa offers cruises where fun never stops!

Fun all night long

The new “C” for Costa

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Three world’s finest chefs with Costa Cruises

New Archipelago restaurant

Immersive Excursions

A Costa Cruise is also a journey to wellness

Entertainment for children all ages!

Costa Club: a sea of rewards!

The Voice of the Seas

Longer Shore excursions

A cruise with family and loved ones, guaranteed fun and relaxation

You will never be bored on a Costa holiday

National Geographic Expeditions

Costa’s latest innovations are already available on ships currently in service

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  • A world of entertainment activities: games, competitions, treasure hunts, tournaments, parties, karaoke, theme evenings; Children entertainment: Squok and Teen Clubs divided by age group: Mini Club (ages 3-6 years), Maxi Club (ages 7-11), Teen Club Junior (ages 12-14), Teen Club (ages 15-17); Music shows, cabaret and talent shows in the theatre, dance and parties every night plus Disco.
  • Use of the pools and jacuzzis on the lidos, sun loungers and beach towels; Use of the ship's special areas and facilities: library and card room; Use of the ship's special areas and facilities: gym, multi-sport pitches, jogging track; Gym classes (aerobics, stretching, dance exercises, step aerobics) led by gym instructors (some classes as yoga or pilates might be available on some ships at a cost)
  • You always enjoy full board on board Costa; The full board includes coffee in the morning, breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and buffets; Meals by the pool and mouthwatering dinners at the restaurant; every evening you have the choice of a relaxed bite to eat at the buffet, or a more traditional dinner in the main restaurant.
  • All Costa cruises include all meals as standard; Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available in either the buffet or main dining room which are included in the cruise fare.
  • All cabins have every comfort you need for a pleasant stay: private bathrooms with soap bars and liquid soap for the shower, air conditioning, telephone, cable radio, satellite TV and safe; Your cabin is cleaned daily and all the linen you require (sheets and towels) is supplied and changed regularly.
Not included
  • Beverages are not included unless an all-inclusive drinks package fare has been booked; if drinks are not included in your cruise fare, a 15% gratuity is added to beverage purchases which are added to the onboard account.
  • Shops, boutiques and photographs; Laundry and ironing service; WiFi is available everywhere on board and Internet Point at an extra charge.
  • Costa Cruises will add a service charge per person, per day to the onboard account as a gratuity for cabin and dining services; the service charge is calculated daily according to the length of the cruise, the destination and the ship; Rates vary from €11 or  $13,50 for most sailings to €14,50 or $17,50 for selected sailings (these rates may vary and are compulsory); Children between the ages of 4 and 14 will be charged 50%.
  • Charges apply for room service and breakfast in the cabin.
  • Shoreside excursions are not included unless you have booked an excursion package or the cruise fare that includes an excursions package
  • Speciality restaurants such as Club restaurant, Samsara restaurant, Pummid'oro pizzeria, Wine Bar, Chocolate Bar and Ice Cream Parlour are not included (only available on some ships)
  • Treatments in the Beauty salon and treatments and use of Samsara Spa are not included (The spa is only available on some ships); charges also apply for Yoga and pilates classes where available
  • Sports simulators and state-of-the-art games (only available on some ships) and gambling games in the casino are not included

Cruise Line FAQs

Can I use cash on board?

Has an emergency drill been scheduled?

What are the main safety measures put in place on the ship?

What is the Biosafety Trust and why is it so important?

How will check-in take place?

Will the cruise ticket with the boarding form only be available on MyCosta or also on the Costa App?

Will it be necessary to obtain a health certificate from one’s own doctor to complete the mandatory medical questionnaire?

If during online check-in I am not considered eligible after completing the mandatory medical health screening questionnaire, what happens?

What do I have to do to embark if I live in or, if in the past 14 days, I have been in close contact with people in one of the countries at risk (countries with an infection rate higher than the rate in Italy, as identified by Costa on the basis of the

Will it be possible to change the boarding slot I have been assigned?

How will diagnostic testing by nasopharyngeal swab take place?

What kind of health checks will be carried out during boarding?

For which health conditions will boarding be refused?

What are the main preventive measures implemented at the Boarding/Disembarkation Terminal?

How many pieces of luggage can be taken on board?

What happens if a guest who was on my transfer, arranged by Costa, tests positive from the nasopharyngeal swab taken in the terminal upon boarding?

Will I have to wear a mask and gloves during my vacation?

Will I be able to wear any type of mask?

Will it be possible to buy masks on board the ship?

Will it be mandatory to collect and wear the personal tracking device that will be delivered to the boarding terminal?

Will I still be able to board if I refuse to collect and wear the personal tracking device?

How can I minimize interaction and direct contact with surfaces?

What hygiene protocols must be followed by the crew?

Have Costa personnel been given specific training?

What are the precautions taken for public areas on board?

Will it be possible to move between decks of the ship using the elevators?

Will it be possible to swim in the pool?

Does the ventilation system comply with regulations?

Will it be possible to access the jacuzzi area?

Will it be possible to use the sunbeds?

Will I be able to take my body temperature on board?

How will the Reception desk service work?

What are the methods available to carry out the mandatory Emergency Drill?

How does the “Smart Drill” take place?

What safety precautions are taken in the cabin?

How will the on-board entertainment take place?

How will musical entertainment take place in the lounge bars?

Will there be evening dancing and parties in the on-board disco?

How will onboard payments work?

Will it be possible to order drinks at bars?

How will the seating be arranged in restaurants?

How do I view the list of dishes and beverages in the onboard restaurants and bars?

Will it be possible to choose the table at which to eat meals?

How do I request the linking of two different reservations to get the “dining with” option?

Will the buffet service be provided?

What precautions are taken for catering areas?

Will it be possible to book Costa excursions?

How do the Costa excursions take place?

Will my temperature be checked when I choose to take a Costa excursion?

What happens if I go on an excursion and, on my return, I have a higher temperature than is allowed?

If the swab test is positive, what is the procedure?

Will it be possible to gamble at the Casino?

Will it be possible to access the SPA and the beauty salon?

Will it be possible to train inside the gym

Will it be possible to buy vacation photos on board?

Which dedicated areas can children access and what are the rules that apply?

Is there a medical center on board?

Is the medical center always open for any emergency?

If a guest presents with symptoms of Covid-19, what happens?

If I return home within 14 days of disembarkation and experience symptoms similar to Covid-19, who should I contact?

If a guest tests positive from a nasopharyngeal swab, what happens?

Where can used medical devices be disposed of?

I’m a Costa Club member: will I be enjoy the benefits to which my level entitles me on board?

What is the maximum capacity of the various areas of the ship (Swimming pool, Spa, Casino, Gym)?

Who pays for the cost of return if you are deemed unfit to embark or test positive during the cruise?

When will my luggage arrive?

How do I find my cabin and my Costa Card?

How can I connect to the Internet and how much does it cost?

How can I secure my valuables?

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