Malta, Italy, France

11 nights sailing from Athens (Piraeus) on cruise ship Oosterdam

Itinerary: Sailing from Athens (Piraeus), visiting Katakolon (Greece), Saranda (Albania), Valletta (Malta), Taormina (Italy), Naples (Italy), Civitavecchia (Rome), Ajaccio (Corsica), Villefranche (Nice), ending in Barcelo
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Cruise Malta, Italy, France

11 nights sailing from Athens (Piraeus) on cruise ship Oosterdam

Cruise Itinerary

Full Itinerary
Day 1 Athens (Piraeus) Embarkation | Departure: 16:00H
Day 2 Katakolon (Greece) Arrival time: 08:00H | Departure: 16:00H 8 hours in destination
Day 3 Saranda (Albania) Arrival time: 10:00H | Departure: 18:00H 8 hours in destination
Day 4 at sea
Day 5 Valletta (Malta) Arrival time: 08:00H | Departure: 23:00H 15 hours in destination
Day 6-6 at sea
Day 6 Taormina (Italy) Arrival time: 08:00H | Departure: 16:00H 8 hours in destination
Day 7 Naples (Italy) Arrival time: 07:00H | Departure: 17:00H 10 hours in destination
Day 8 Civitavecchia (Rome) Arrival time: 07:00H | Departure: 22:00H 15 hours in destination
Estrecho de Bonifacio - Navegación Onboard Experience
Day 9 Ajaccio (Corsica) Arrival time: 10:00H | Departure: 18:00H 8 hours in destination
Day 10 Villefranche (Nice) Arrival time: 08:00H | Departure: 17:00H 9 hours in destination
Day 11 at sea
Day 12 Barcelona Arrival time: 07:00H
Malta, Italy, France Cruise itinerary  - Holland America Line

Malta, Italy, France

11 nights Cruise on Oosterdam. Sailing from Athens (Piraeus), visiting Katakolon (Greece), Saranda (Albania), Valletta (Malta), Taormina (Italy), Naples (Italy), Civitavecchia (Rome), Ajaccio (Corsica), Villefranche (Nice), ending in Barcelona.

Malta, Italy, France Cruise itinerary  - Holland America Line
Malta, Italy, France Cruise itinerary  - Holland America Line

Athens (Piraeus)

Athens, the capital city of Greece is an active cosmopolitan mix of different cultures and people, passionate about their art and history. The climate is one of the best in Europe, with mild winters and very hot summers, ideal for tourism. It is located just a few miles from the port of Piraeus, the central commercial port of the capital, and the shores of southern Attica. The main attractions of Athens are The Ancient Agora, Anafiotika, The Acropolis, Mount Lycabettus, Thiseion Cinema, Gazi, Monastiraki Flea Market, Pireaus seaside, Pireaus open air market, Kastella Hill, Veakio open air theatre and Piraeus Archaeological.

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Malta, Italy, France Cruise itinerary  - Holland America Line

Katakolon (Greece)

Katakolon is a beautiful seaside town and it is situated in the municipality of Pyrgos in western Elis, Greece. The port of Katakolo is popular destination for cruises. It offers great opportunity to the passengers to visit the site of Ancient Olympia. Port of Katakolon where Greek mythology started .Greece is where the first Olympics was ever held and where you can find a historical landmark anywhere. Places of interest: Museum of Ancient Greek Technology, Stadium of Olympia, Greece and the remains of the medieval Pontikokastro/Beauvoir castle still stand on a hilltop northeast of the modern port.

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Malta, Italy, France Cruise itinerary  - Holland America Line

Saranda (Albania)

Capital of the district of Sarande, Saranda in Albania is one of the most important attractions in the Albanian Riviera. It is opposite the Greek Island of Corfu and very near the ruins of Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sarande was founded in the 6th Century B.C and with a perfect location and warm weather, it's one of the preferred cities for Honeymooners to spend their holidays. You can learn about the region's past or visit the Blue Eye Spring and enjoy the beauties of this natural park. This charming historic town is a hidden gem on the Albanian Riviera, hosting a wealth of UNESCO protected archaeological treasures amongst other attractions. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in the region, with a slightly cosmopolitan and lively vibe to it with plenty of ocean-side bars and restaurants which offer great local produce an freshly caught seafood.

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Malta, Italy, France Cruise itinerary  - Holland America Line

Valletta (Malta)

Valletta is the capital of Malta, situated in the east central portion of Malta. It is the second southernmost capital of Europe. The City was officially recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1980. The city is essentially Baroque in character, with elements of Mannerist, Neo Classical and Modern architecture in selected areas. Building dated The city consists of buildings from the 16th century onwards, built during the rule of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, also known as Knights Hospitaller. The official name given by the Order of Saint John was Humilissima Civitas Valletta The Most Humble City of Valletta. The bastions, curtains along with the beauty of its Baroque palaces, gardens and churches, led the ruling houses of Europe to give the city its nickname Superbissima, Most Proud.

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Malta, Italy, France Cruise itinerary  - Holland America Line

Taormina (Italy)

One of those charming places that italian geography hides, especially in the Isle of Siciliy. In this case we are talking about this city in the Mesina province. This city is famous because it was a rest and inspiration place for Truman Capote or Thomas Mann, and also well known artists as Salvador Dali and Orson Wells. As many cities in SIcily, Taormina is located on a mountain, 200 meters abouve love level, where you will find idyllic views that end up in beaches with clear waters. Some points of interest of this city are: The Greco-Roman Theatre, that was built by the romans three centuries b.C., the structure is mainly roman as it was restored by them on the first century a.C. You can also visit the Villa Comunale and see the wonderful views to Etna Volcano. Also outstands the Palaces Corvaia, Ciampoli, o dei Duchi di Santo Stefano.

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Malta, Italy, France Cruise itinerary  - Holland America Line

Naples (Italy)

Naples is the capital of Campania, one of the largest metropolises on the Mediterranean Sea. The Port of Naples is one of the largest Italian seaport and one of the largest seaport in the Mediterranean Sea. Naples' historic city centre is the largest in Europe and is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Naples has long been a major cultural centre with a global sphere of influence, particularly during the Renaissance and Enlightenment eras. In the immediate vicinity of Naples are numerous culturally and historically significant sites, including the Palace of Caserta and the Roman ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Culinary Naples is synonymous with pizza, which originated in the city. Neapolitan music has furthermore been highly influential, credited with the invention of the romantic guitar and the mandolin, as well as notable contributions to opera and folk standards.

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Malta, Italy, France Cruise itinerary  - Holland America Line

Civitavecchia (Rome)

Civitavecchia is the city of Rome´s port on the Tyrrhenian Sea. The harbour is formed by two piers and a breakwater, on which is a lighthouse. The name Civitavecchia means ancient town. There, the Eternal City lies before us in large format architectural and artistic sculptures such as the Colosseum, the most important monument of ancient Rome and used for public entertainment. Do not miss the Trevi Fountain and make a wish while you throw a coin back and continues to the Pantheon, one of the best preserved monuments of antiquity, Piazza Navona and the Vatican City. Take a walk through the Plaza of Spain and rest on the steps of Trinita dei Monti before heading to Via Condotti, wide avenue lined with shops.

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Malta, Italy, France Cruise itinerary  - Holland America Line
Onboard Experience

Estrecho de Bonifacio - Navegación

Malta, Italy, France Cruise itinerary  - Holland America Line

Ajaccio (Corsica)

The capital of Corsica, Ajaccio lies in a calm bay on the west coast of Corsica, set against a backdrop of wooded hills. It is a relaxed rather than lively town and visitors come here to enjoy its wealth of cafes, restaurants and shops. The sights here mainly revolve around Napoleon, who was born here. The town's main sights are the magnificent cathedral where Napoleon was christened, the Bonaparte residence and numerous statues and street names related to his family. The peninsula carries the citadel and terminates in the Citadel jetty. To the south-west of this peninsula lies the Place Bonaparte, a quarter frequented chiefly by winter visitors attracted by the mild climate of the town. Apart from one or two fine thoroughfares converging on the Place Bonaparte, the streets are mean and narrow and the town has a deserted appearance. The house in which Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769 is preserved, and his associations with the town are everywhere emphasized by street-names and statues. The Musée Fesch, which contains the art collection of Napoleon's maternal uncle, Cardinal Fesch. The collection of Italian paintings is considered to rate second only to that of the Louvre

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Malta, Italy, France Cruise itinerary  - Holland America Line

Villefranche (Nice)

Villefranche is a beautiful port in the Cote dAzure, near Nice. Villefranche is more than a disembarkation port, it is the example of a little village, elegant and exclusive of the Cote dAzure. A peaceful and distinguished place, with multicolores houses, charming corners and most of all tranquility and french good life. It is worth walking through the streets, have a taste of the local cuisine in the port restaurants, or visit the interesting monuments like the Saint Pierre Chapel, the Romanic Chapel of Jean Cocteau, Fort Saint Elmo, or the Dark Street. To continue the visit, nothing better than a quick getaway to Monaco, point of leisure par excellence, the city of glamor, one of the most visited places in the world. This city has three districts: City of Monaco, Condomine and Montecarlo, where the famous casino is found. The following places are of mandatory visit: The Grimaldi Palace, constructed on the Monaco Rock, the old part of the city, the Monaco Cathedral and the Opera.

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Malta, Italy, France Cruise itinerary  - Holland America Line


The port of Barcelona was born about the same time as the city was. It is one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean, cruises leaving to tour the most desirable cities in the Western Mediterranean. It has modern facilities and all the services needed to accommodate the many passengers who have Barcelona as a starting point and end of their trip. Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural capitals of Europe. Among many attractions that include the Sagrada Familia, Montjuic, Gaudi's Güell Park and the famous Ramblas.

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The ship: Oosterdam

First-time cruisers aboard this ship will quickly recognize the traditional touches that make Holland America cruisers regulars.

Officially christened in 2003 by Her Dutch Royal Highness, Princess Margriet of the Netherlands, the ms Oosterdam is the second in the series of Vista-class ships. As such she embraces the latest industry and environmental technologies. The centerpiece of the ms Oosterdam is a magnificent Waterford crystal globe, prominently displayed in a three-story atrium.

Year renovated 2019
Beam 32 m.
Length 288 m.
Tonnage 82.305 tn.
Occupancy 1964
Crew 812
Ratio passenger / crew Premium 2:1
Ratio tonnage/passengers Excellent 42:1
Number of decks 11
Number of staterooms 982
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What's included onboard?

Children's clubs separated per date ranges

Full board and accommodation

Port taxes

Full board 

Wide variety of live shows and entertainment venues

Water, Coffee and tea. Biscuits and snacks at the onboard bares. Ice-cream at the buffett.

What's not included?

Spa treatments 


Medical Services

Shore excursions

Onboard purchases

Flights, unless otherwise stated

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks - a 15% Bar Service Charge is automatically added to bar charges and Dining Room wine purchases

Holland America will automatically charge $14,50 per person, per day to passengers in interior, ocean-view and balcony cabins and $16 to suite passengers (the charges are subject to change without notice) - Gratuities apply to both adults and children; please see the front desk if you wish to adjust your automatic gratuities.

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