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Tokyo, Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto and Hakone

An unforgettable trip

Modern, eccentric, unparalleled, extravagant, attractive, crazy, fun, solemn, traditional... Words struggle to define a city like Tokyo, a vibrant global metropolis with thirteen million inhabitants. Despite spearheading technological innovations and urban modernity, it retains a perpetual traditional soul that makes it a potpourri of contrasts. Highlights awaiting you include the Akihabara neighbourhood, a true geek's paradise; the world-famous Shibuya Crossing, where up to a thousand people can coincide at the same time; or the area known as Golden Gai, a maze of winding streets and narrow two-storey wooden buildings full of cute bars, each with its own eccentric character. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of the endless attractions offered by the unforgettable capital of Japan. Hiroshima is a city that you definitely shouldn't overlook, inviting you to reflect on the barbarities that human beings are capable of committing. And, precisely, the Peace Memorial Park, an area where the atomic bomb fell in 1945, is one of the most symbolic points of the city. Other musts include the Atomic Bomb Dome and the Peace Memorial Museum. If you have time, head up to Hiroshima Castle and combine the visit with Miyajima. The third-biggest city in Japan, Osaka is one of the most attractive destinations in the Land of the Rising Sun. Not surprisingly, one of its monuments is the most visited tourist attraction in the whole of Japan, both by local tourists and foreigners. We're talking about the majestic Osaka Castle, an emblem of power since the late fifteenth century. What's more, you'll get to enjoy the siren song of Japanese technology, with state-of-the-art projects such as the 173-metre Umeda Sky Building, which simulates a floating city and boasts a great observation deck; the spectacular Osaka Aquarium, one of the largest in the world; and numerous theme parks, such as Universal Studios Japan or Expoland, which are attracting more and more visitors each year. And make sure you head to the Dotonbori neighbourhood, in the heart of Osaka, to experience the city's crazy nightlife and famous karaoke bars. Capital of Japan between the eighth and nineteenth centuries, Kyoto proudly hosts an exceptional and diverse legacy in the fields of arts, culture, religion and thinking. Each step will take you to a new architectural treasure in the form of a castle, palace, temple, sanctuary or garden. Among all this architectural wealth, highlights include the sumptuous Nijo Castle, residence of the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu; the 1,001 gilded wooden statues of the Sanjusangendo Temple; the temples of Kiyomizu, Ryoanji, Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion) and Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion); and the Katsura Imperial Villa, one of the finest examples of Japanese architecture. Don't miss the Gion neighbourhood, the ideal place to discover 'Kabuki' theatre, traditional arts such as floral arranging, and the 'Maiko', whose ornate appearance is the stereotype of the geisha for Westerners. Located in the prefecture of Kanagawa, less than a hundred kilometres away from Tokyo, Hakone is a very popular destination, pulling in city dwellers and tourists alike thanks to its magnificent landscape around Mount Fuji and its numerous onsen (hot springs). The most touristy areas are Hakone-Yumoto, the point of entry and exit by public transport; Moto-Hakone, one of the ports for boats sailing across Lake Ashi; Hakone-Machi, another busy port from which boats depart and arrive; Gora, interchange point between the Tozan train and the funicular; and Owakudani, the volcanic and sulphurous zone where black eggs are a delicacy.

Tokyo, Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto and Hakone

Departure date

Departures from May 2024 till April 2025




Travel details

Days 1 - 3 Tokyo

Days 4 - 4 Hiroshima

Days 5 - 5 Osaka

Days 6 - 8 Kyoto

Days 9 - 9 Hakone

Days 10 - 12 Tokyo - Tokyo - City of origin



Day 1: City of origin - Tokyo . Departure with destination Tokyo. Night on board.
Day 2: Tokyo . Arrival and transfer from the airport to the selected hotel in Tokyo. Free time. Overnight stay.
Day 3: Tokyo . Free day. Overnight stay.


Day 4: Tokyo - Hiroshima . Transfer from selected hotel in Tokyo to selected hotel in Hiroshima by your own account. Free time. Overnight stay.


Day 5: Hiroshima - Osaka . Transfer from selected hotel in Hiroshima to selected hotel in Osaka by your own account. Free time. Overnight stay.


Day 6: Osaka - Kyoto . Transfer from selected hotel in Osaka to selected hotel in Kyoto by your own account. Free time. Overnight stay.
Day 7: Kyoto . Free day. Overnight stay.
Day 8: Kyoto . Free day. Overnight stay.


Day 9: Kyoto - Hakone . Transfer from selected hotel in Kyoto to selected hotel in Hakone by your own account. Free time. Overnight stay.

Tokyo - Tokyo - City of origin

Day 10: Hakone - Tokyo . Transfer from selected hotel in Hakone to selected hotel in Tokyo by your own account. Free time. Overnight stay.
Day 11: Tokyo . Free day. Overnight stay.
Day 12: Tokyo - City of origin . At the scheduled time, transfer to the airport. Flight with destination the city of origin. Arrival. End of the trip and our services.

Your trip includes

  • Return flight.

  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel in Tokyo.

  • Stay in selected hotel in Tokyo.

  • Selected meal plan in Tokyo.

  • Stay in selected hotel in Hiroshima.

  • Selected meal plan in Hiroshima.

  • Stay in selected hotel in Osaka.

  • Selected meal plan in Osaka.

  • Stay in selected hotel in Kyoto.

  • Selected meal plan in Kyoto.

  • Stay in selected hotel in Hakone.

  • Selected meal plan in Hakone.

  • Transfer from the hotel in Tokyo to the airport.

  • Insolvency protection.

Your trip doesn't include

  • Accommodation taxes in Tokyo direct payment in facility.

  • Transfer from hotel in Tokyo to hotel in Hiroshima.

  • Transfer from hotel in Hiroshima to hotel in Osaka.

  • Transfer from hotel in Osaka to hotel in Kyoto.

  • Transfer from hotel in Kyoto to hotel in Hakone.

  • Transfer from hotel in Hakone to hotel in Tokyo.


Important remarks

- Triple rooms in Japan are generally rooms with twin beds or a double, in which a folding bed is installed to accommodate the third person. Due to the inconvenience this causes, we advise against using this option as far the possible.

- Please check with your international vaccination centre about the recommended healthcare measures in Japan.

- Depending on the return flight, the trip may be one day longer.

- In general, people with tattoos are not accepted in the onsen for cultural reasons. If they're small tattoos, they could be covered with a plaster, but access isn't guaranteed if the tattoos are large.

- Please check which documents are required to enter the country.

- A credit card is considered a guarantee, so sometimes you will need one for check-in at hotels.

- Hotels usually have cots available. Otherwise, babies will have to share a bed with an adult.

- VERY IMPORTANT ABOUT JAPAN RAIL PASS: you can make your purchase and see related information at: http://www.jrpass.com/es. Japan Rail Pass purchases can not be made more than three months prior to the completion of the first train leg.