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Did you know...?|The Serenissima, Venice

The Serenissima, Venice

The Shakespeare of cities

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25/06/2014 16:00:00

St. Marks Square, to the right of the Ducal Palace

We all know of the famous tours, the monuments and majestic palaces as they appear on all maps and on every poster, but have you ever heard of the Secret Itineraries in the City of Canals and their mysteries?

With over 100 canals and 400 bridges, Venice is the city for literary excellence. Ernst Moritz Arndt, John Ruskin, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Proust, Gauthier, Ruskin, Hemingway and a host of other famous names, toured and were inspired by the city, bridges, architecture, secrets, its decadence and romance. As John Addington Symonds said: "It's the Shakespeare of cities: unique, indisputable, and above envy".

That is in fact the face of Venice that is still captivating all who visit resulting in them falling in love and freeing imprisoned passions.

Just writing about this fictional town makes my words seem novelistic, but I had better relax and try to describe the best experience in the city, the Ducal Palace. It is the most famous and is an obligatory visit due to its fantastic art collection beginning with the welcome you’re given by the statues of Mars and Neptune by Sansovino. Next is the Paradise, one of the largest oil paintings in the world and a piece of work by Tintoretto. This palace is located in the San Marcos square which also hosts the Secret Itineraries tour. There is a guided tour of the famous secret rooms of the Foreign Ministry which is also called ¨The Halls of Power¨ due to the secret meetings that took place there by the judges during the Republic of Venice.  They are adorned with important Venetian paintings and behind them are simple wood panels that hide a much darker and sordid world.  Dark prisons cells in which Giacomo Casanova was held and finally a visit to the famous torture chamber.

The tour lasts 1h30 and costs around 24€, although the price is reduced to 18€ if you are a Citizen of the European Community.

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