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Adults-Only Hotels

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About Adults only

Although these adults-only hotels started out as honeymoon hotels, they've spread across the world as an option for anyone in search of a child-free atmosphere. This leads to more luxurious spaces where you can relax, unwind or even party with friends, your partner or your family members (as long as they're above sixteen, of course!). An adults-only hotel is designed to let guests revel in peace and quiet without the hustle and bustle of a family-friendly property. Sip a cocktail in a lounge with background music, bask in the sun by the pool without getting splashed, unwind in communal areas without the screams of children, or enjoy entertainment tailored to adult guests. As a rule of thumb, adults-only hotels have a more cutting-edge design and better amenities. They tend to have a wellness area with spa, as well as a host of leisure options, varied culinary offerings and personalised attention. In short, everything is designed for adults to switch off from the daily routine and unwind without any distractions, no matter where you go:Mallorca, Punta Cana, Tenerife, Barcelona... if you book an adults-only hotel, nobody is going to annoy you.

Adults only

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