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Romantic Hotels

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About Romantic

Fancy a romantic getaway? This category of hotels is perfect for couples. Obviously, there's nothing better than spending time with the person you love the most. At a romantic hotel, everything is designed so that you can give free rein to your love, so that you can reconnect, so that you can fall in love again or so that you can fall in love for the first time. You'll enjoy every single second in a romantic setting that will allow you to unwind and enjoy one another: a massage together, a day at the spa, a stroll under the moonlight... details that will make your stay magical. After a day of coupledom, nothing better than a romantic candlelit dinner at the hotel restaurant. Great food, background music, a glass of cava to celebrate your love and an exquisitely-designed room to end the night. It doesn't really matter which destination you choose:Paris, Rome, Lisbon, Mallorca, Asturias... we're sure that you'll spend an unforgettable few days together as a couple. Long live love!


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